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I’ve been doing this for going on 8 years. Done installs for all the main guys: Premier, Safe Step, even some for ReBath way back when. But, you know, I’ve never had an easier install than the Bliss Tub. And you can’t beat the finish of the gel coat. I’d install your tub over anyone else’s! I’ve never had a call back about your tub.

Rick T. | Rockwell, NC


  1. Highest-Quality Product Available
  2. A highly professional team jets and assembles all of our tubs in Covina, California using name-brand components from CG Air and Waterway. UL continuously monitors our product line for adherence to rigid consumer safety standards. Bliss Tubs' senior-friendly electronic keypads are far superior to competitor's clunky pneumatic buttons. Our standard faucet set uses a ¾" water supply cable that is capable of filling the walk-in bathtub at 18 gallons per minute (compare to ½" supply offered by other manufacturers).

  3. Expedited Service — Every Time
  4. With over 100 walk-in bathtubs in inventory and 300+ in our order pipeline, Bliss Tubs is able to fill orders faster than most walk-in bathtub manufacturers. Orders go into production immediately after payment is received and ship promptly after construction and testing are complete.

  5. Free Shipping to Nearby Trucking Terminal
  6. The majority of our dealers choose to take advantage of our offer of free shipping to a convenient trucking terminal near their business or job site.

  7. A++ Technical Support
  8. Our industry-leading installation and operating manuals are the result of years of research and development. We are available on extended hours and seven days a week, and your call will never be answered by an automated system.

  9. Extreme Loyalty to Dealers
  10. Dealers are given completely exclusive territory. All leads that come to Bliss Tubs are passed along to our dealers free of charge with open communication to support the sales process. 61

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